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Brazilian Walnut (IPE)


Brazilian Walnut (IPE)


Samples & Pictures are representation of wood flooring, but they cannot be used as an exact color or wood grain and character comparison. Wood is a natural product with imperfections and variations.

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Additional Information

Flooring Type








Construction Type



25 Years limited residential finish warranty, lifetime structural warranty


3/4″ (18mm)


3″©,3 1/4″©,3 5/8″

Surface Style




Gloss Level



7-8 coats Aluminum Oxide




Random Length

Installation Level

On or Above Ground

Acclimation Time(Recommended)

5-7 days

Installation Method

Nail Down (with 1 1/2"-2" fasteners)


3/4″ x 72″ or 78″

T Molding

3/4″ x 72″ or 78″

Stair nose

3/4″ x 72″ or 78″


3/4″ x 72″ or 78″

Installation and Maintenance


TM = T-Molding
The T-Molding helps you seamlessly transition between your floor areas of the same height.

TH = Thureshold
The threshold has similar application as the reducer as it helps transition floors of different height, but it is best placed under doorways.

RD = Reducer
The reducer is used when transitioning from a higher flooring surface, such as wood or laminate, to a lower flooring surface.

SN = Stairnose
The stair nose sits at the edge of the stair steps to round out the edges for safety and aesthetic reasons.

ST = Unfinished Straight Stair Tread
The stair tread is used for finishing the straight stair steps.

RST = Unfinished Starter Stair Tread
The starter stair tread with semi-circle is used on the first step of stairs


It is recommended that installation should be conducted by experienced professionals who follow the installation standards set forth by NOFMA and NWFA.

Acclimation Time – 5-7 Days

Installation Method
Nail Down
(with 1 1/2"-2" fasteners)

Installation Level
On or Above Grade

Below Grade not recommended


FERMA does not recommend its product to be used over any radiant heating systems, or any particle board, MDF, wafer board, masonite or luan underlayment.

Installation Tips

If installing with manual fastening machine, be sure proper adapter plate is used as well as proper length fasteners.


Use of rugs or mats at all entrances. Removal of dirt and grit before it gets on the floor is best. Shake out and wash rugs and mats as necessary.

Routine maintenance would include not only sweeping, but vacuuming and dust mopping. Caution: Do not use a treated dust mop. (Mop treated with silicone, wax or other treatments may damage your wood floor finish).

Never wet mop a hardwood floor as excess water may harm the hardwood and could cause premature wear. Wet mopping will void your warranty.

Use of felt protectors under chairs or furniture is recommended.

Check shoes regularly as a protruding nail from a worn or lost heel can scratch and puncture a floor.

If you have pets, check their nails on a regular basis.

Use non-wax hardwood cleaner to clean the floor. Follow the manufacture’s instruction in damp wiping your floor.

The use of ammonia is not recommended as it can discolor the wood also it is very harsh on finishes.

Use of vinegar is not recommended. It is an acid that can etch the finish and create a dull look.

Use of any oil soap product is not recommended as it usually leaves a residue that can be sticky and difficult to remove as well as attracting dirt.

Manufacturers’ finish delays and reduces most of the sun shading phenomenon that causes wood to darken and or lighten over time. However, hardwood flooring still needs to be protected from sunlight and intense artificial lighting to reduce discoloration of exposed wood. This phenomenon with wood surfaces is normal and natural.

Because hardwood flooring shrinks and expands with changes in humidity, some control of interior humidity should be in place to minimize the changes. This is part of hardwood flooring maintenance. Following is preferred environmental conditions: Average temperature: 68F to 72F. Average relative humidity: 40% – 60%


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